About Us

We wanted something different for several years and we finally took that step.

This picture was taken in 2015 at the Grand Canyon, four months after we bought our land.  My wife and I knew it would be a long time before we could live on our land permanently, but we didn’t want to wait before getting started.  We parked our travel trailer there and have slowly been chipping away at it ever since.  There have been major speed bumps along the way, including severe health issues, death of family members and crazy weather, but we are still going.  My job landed us in Arizona in 2009.  We quickly learned that the hot desert was not for us.  We just accepted it and carried on with our lives.  My kids attended a scouts camp near Williams Arizona in 2012.  We went with them and camped out in a tent.  Having never been there, we were shocked by how beautiful and green norther Arizona was.  It was after that trip that the wheels in our heads began to turn.  The seed was planted.  We discussed buying land from time to time over the next couple of years, but eventually our hunger for happiness drove us to where we are today.