Why would I move away from the city?

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I was born in San Diego California. I lived there until I was seven years old. Then we moved to a town called Mariposa. Mariposa is a beautiful small town in the mountains near Yosemite National Park with all the pine trees, creeks and wildlife you could ever want. We had four acres on a mountainside about 10 miles from town. It was quite a shock for my sister’s and I who had lots of friends and plenty of neighbors, to go to a place where our nearest neighbor was a half mile away. That seclusion however, forced us to get creative and entertain ourselves in ways we never did before.

We began going on hikes, swimming in the creeks, epic bike rides and building forts wherever we could. We raised 40+ rabbits, geese, chickens, pigs, turkeys, all for food and we had a couple of goats, ducks, dogs and cats for pets. Sounds wonderful right? Like the movie, (The Great Outdoors). Fun fact – This movie was filmed in Bass Lake California which is just outside Oakhurst California. To date myself, I was at a pizza shop there during the filming of the movie and Dan Aykroyd walked in. My sister’s and I walked over to him with bright eye’s but he wasn’t having any of it and sent us away. In retrospect, due to the demanding nature of his work, I don’t blame him.

The truth is, speaking for myself, I wanted nothing more than to move back to the city and I did. I moved back to San Diego when I was thirteen years old to live with my dad. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my parents divorced when I was two years old which was also a motivation for going back. It was fun and a bit scary since my dad lived in a small city called Lemon Grove. Lemon Grove was a rough place to live as a teenager in the 90’s and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

My dad ended up divorcing his wife at the time and we moved to a place called Fletcher Hills. Fletcher hills is a much nicer area on a hilltop where El Cajon and La mesa meet. Okay. So this is beginning to sound like an autobiography which I may do someday, but not now. So I’ll get to the point.

I was back in the San Diego area for two years when I began to feel like I was missing something. Yes I missed my mother and sisters, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I wasn’t quite sure what it was and it remained until I was an adult, married with children and briefly staying with my mother in Mariposa. It was during the financial crisis of 2007 to 2009. I was recently jobless with two vehicle payments, credit cards and the whole nine yards. We needed a place to stay so I could get back on my feet. And I did with a lot of hard work and perseverance.

While we were staying there, I was reminded of the beauties that exist in nature, property, and seclusion. It suddenly dawned on me that the six years I had spent there as a child, seemingly in misery, were actually the best years of my childhood. It had a massive impact on who I am today and why I am building an off grid homestead.

The point I am trying to make is, you will never know what you are missing without the opportunity to miss it. I would not be who I am today, had I not lived in the woods as a child. I would probably be a typical city dweller, unhappily living the daily grind, retiring to a shoebox of a house, right next to another shoebox of a house where I eventually pass on. That’s it. Game over. No respawn.

I can’t imagine doing that with the only chance I get at life and existence on this planet. To each there own. I am now in my early 40’s and still live in a small city due to my career. I have learned without a doubt, I am not a people person. I don’t like large crowds. I don’t like walking out my front door only to see shoeboxes as far as I can see. And to put it bluntly, I don’t like stupid people. Stupid people exist everywhere, but are in much higher concentration in a densely populated area. I began my journey away from the city in 2015 when I purchased 48 acres of rugged mountainous land in northern Arizona. I am slowly chipping away at it in hopes of having a polished slice of happiness in the future.

If you are unhappy or feel like you have missed out on something in your life, it’s never too late to prepare and make a change. You will never know if you don’t try.

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